The fabric is hard to be scratched by claws, it’s designed in a certain way to make it impossible and “no fun” for pets. it’s not 100% anti-catch but any pulls and snags won’t be visible due to the be-elastic fabric structure.
Menotti slipcovers are not waterproof. It can protect from dirt, stains, hair, but not from liquid or urine. Our covers are machine washable in cold water.
Yes our sofa covers are machine washable and maintain color and shape after up to 120 washes. Please follow these washing and care instructions from the manufacturer, Machine wash cold permanent press, Do not bleach, Low heat, tumble dry, Do not dry-clean.
You can find video instructions for all sizes on our website on the product page, or simply search on Youtube "Menotti instructions".
Microfibra covers are made of 100% Soft Polyester. This fabric is less stretchy than other models.