47"-67" (120 - 170 cm) width

Give your 2 seater sofa an enhanced protection  

2 seater sofa cover is not only a great room makeover, but it is also a perfect way to protect your furniture from dirt, dust and spills. With time, sofas can get dirty and stained, and the upholstery of your couch tears off. Reupholstering a whole furniture piece can cost you a pretty penny, but good thing sofa slipcovers exist! Along with an extra comfy quilted design, Menotti 2 seater sofa covers to protect your sofa from permanent stains, hence helping to prolong your sofa's life and refreshing feel. 

Why 2 seater sofa covers is a top choice?

Menotti 2 seater stretch sofa covers are made with a stretch fabric that is adaptable to the round shapes of your sofa. Bi-elastic stretch sofa covers 2 seater fit your sofa like a glove making it impossible for anyone to realise that it is simply a cover. 

Installation takes just few minutes and can be performed by anyone. No special tools are required and it's as simple as stretching the sofa cover over your sofa.

Covers for 2 seater sofas are a great option for pet owners who like to cuddle with their furry friends but don’t want to deal with the excess pet hair afterwards. Simply wash the cover once it’s getting a bit too hairy and keep your couch fur-free. All Menotti slipcovers are made to be easy to care for and machine washable.  The color and stretchable shape hold up even after 100 washes.

The base of Menotti 2 seater sofa covers has an elastic bottom that makes it more slip-resistant, reducing the need for constant readjustment. We also send triangular cardboard inserts with each order, so you can use them to tuck the fabric into the gaps between the seat cushion and the arm or the back of the sofa to hold the cover in place.

Benefits of Menotti 2 seater stretch sofa covers

Menotti 2 seater sofa covers are an ideal solution to protect your furniture from possible spills or accidents that can easily happen with kids, pets, or even clumsy people. They are available in a wide range of colors for an affordable price and have thousands of reviews from customers who have purchased them before. Below features will help you to choose the best sofa cover that will add durability, function, and personality to your furniture:

  • Extra Quality: 100% Soft Italian Polyester. MADE IN ITALY. Certified by Global Fabric Safety Standard.
  • Perfect Fit: Sofa cover 2 seater is made of patented stretch bi-elastic fabric. Fits small and large couches 110-170cm wide.
  • Hypoallergenic and skin friendly: Sofa protector for 2 seater сertified by Oeko-Tex 100. Ideal for homes with children and pets or anyone seeking an economical solution furniture protection. Note: 2 seater sofa covers are not waterproof
  • Elegant Design: Stretch sofa cover 2 seater is strapless with an elasticised bottom. Special anti-slip cartboards included, and prevent our magic cover from sliding. 
  • Easy Installation and Care: 2 seater sofa covers are machine washable in cold water. Wash separately at a gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Low heat, tumble dry. Do not dry-clean. Do not iron.

What to Consider When Choosing Menotti 2 seater sofa cover?

Check out our collection of sofa covers 2 seater and give your sofa enhanced protection from stains and odours. Prolong the fantastic appearance and comfort of your furniture!